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Applying for or taking over management of group resource

Mailing lists and group DS-Filestore space are available to research groups, colleges, departments and University societies. Certain other facilities are available to colleges, departments and research groups only, see Information for Institutions and Groups and Access to group-owned Desktop Services filespace for further information.

You will need your Raven password to manage mailing lists, which use Mailman. For further details of Mailman lists, please see the pages on mailing lists. If you do not know your Raven password, please see "How do I get a Raven password?".

Using this form you can apply for new or additional group resources, or ask to take over the management of existing group resources. The information collected on this form will be used only to process your request and to administer the computer account to which it relates.

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The title of this document is: Applying for or taking over management of group resource